How do I book you?2021-03-17T00:02:36+01:00

Send a request to bam@josephinebladh.se. Please let us know your purpose and requirements. Who are you and what challenges and strengths do you have? What effect do you wish to achieve within a month, a year, ten years? Which group or person will we meet? Any practical information? If you don’t have the answers, we will help you with that.

Are there no ready-made packages, talks or trainings to book?2021-03-17T00:03:06+01:00

As we have conducted more than 400 processes, we have ready structures and concepts. Most of them are related to board work, commitment, stress, strategy, values and business planning. However, we tailor all concepts based on your wishes and needs, and the group or person we meet.

What are the advantages of booking you?2021-03-17T00:03:25+01:00

We practice what we teach. Our vision is not to become rich but rather to make lasting transformations. We tailor all work based on your wishes, and we think flexibility is crucial. We have a unique method that has been tested in more than 400 processes. We combine interactivity, norm criticism, values, and a large dose of energy.

I have a question about the invoice I received.2021-03-17T00:04:07+01:00

Call us on 08-121 495 06 or e-mail and we’ll figure it out.

What happens if I have to cancel?2021-03-17T00:05:43+01:00
In which areas/cities do you work?2021-03-17T00:09:30+01:00
Are you available on evenings or weekends?2021-03-17T00:08:57+01:00

Of course!

How long will it take before I get a response?2021-03-17T00:08:35+01:00

We aim to respond within 24 hours.

How much to have you as a consultant or interim manager during a month?2021-03-17T00:08:03+01:00
What does a talk or process management cost?2021-03-17T00:06:39+01:00

Book a transformative consultant!

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