What is Transformation?

A transformation is a comprehensive change process with a profound impact on your business, culture, effect, goal fulfillment and social responsibility. You will look at yourself and the world around you differently as a transformation transforms you into a better version of yourself so that you can consciously develop in a mobile world. All transformations include change, but not all change include transformation.

A transformation is a process where everyone contributes and participates, because only then will the change be permanent. A transformation can only take place when you have the courage to find yourself in complex and difficult situations and embrace the transformative leadership – even when you encounter resistance. A transformation consists of several components, such as raising awareness of your fundamental ideas and values, constantly monitoring the world around us, having your target group’s perspective and having an innovative and inclusive organisational culture with diversified teams.

Transformative companies and organisations consciously relate to a fast-moving world and fulfill their why’s, what’s and how’s every day. They are relevant, they live as they learn and are more successful when it comes to achieving results and goals. They are attractive employers with more satisfied staff who are innovative, efficient and reach their full potential. They shoulder social responsibilities and create added value for their target groups.

We lead transformations that turns into long-term and lasting changes and we give you the tools to continue your transformative journey on your own.

Our Method.


We vary energetic methods to enable everyone to contribute and co-create. Together we know the most and the best.

Norm criticism.

We use a feminist analysis and make excluding norms visible to equalize power. We want to be an eye-opening force.


We base everything on your why and your values. We help you live as you learn and push you to be brave when facing difficult choices.


We inject energy and inspiration into the work to make us go even further together.

What is a Transformative Consultant?

A transformative consultant is an expert at leading processes of change, creating both change and commitment. A transformative consultant is not afraid of difficulties, but weathers the storm and stands tall with the client throughout the process. A transformative consultant makes an impression on the client and the world. Constant monitoring of the outside world and trend spotting is important for a transformative consultant. We work hard and put a lot of love into the work we do. For us, it is important that we also lives as we learn. Therefore, we make sure to live by our own values ​​and we choose our work with care. We push ourselves and our clients to be brave in difficult situations, because that is when the transformation can happen.

After almost 20 years as a leader or manager in civil society, we have completed over 400 processes and worked with over 90 organisations. We know how to lead companies, organisations and people through change. Our way of working and our method is unique. We have tested our method, developed it, redone and tested again. We know that it is proven, successful, and that it works.