We develop your concepts and ideas.

We concept develop projects, educations, methods, or your company or organisation. We help you identify what needs to fill, or how to position yourselves. We quickly get to know your company or organisation, do an evaluation of the current situation and monitor the outside world to understand your needs and your idea. We produce a solid process plan, together with you, to set the framework and achieve the desired effect. Then, we develop your idea into a full-fledged concept for the right place at the right time.

To establish the idea with the target group, we test the concept via reference groups, roundtable discussions or surveys. We use interactive and creative methods to create an innovative climate where we together develop innovative concepts. We act as the driving force, keeping up the pace and bouncing ideas throughout the process. You get a fully developed concept that you can continue working with on your own.

Example: We helped Vision to concept develop, launch and implement Digi5, Sweden’s first education in feminist digitalisation. The education was the first of its kind, taking on an unexplored area. We monitored the outside world, discussed with reference groups and collaborated with other actors, and eventually developed a unique, educational concept.

Together with the participants, we created a declaration for feminist digitalisation and an alumni network to create opportunities for continued imprint within Vision. The result was a popular and talked-about digital education, as well as a parallel development process within Vision to further work with and, as a union, position itself within feminist digitalisation.


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Development of Methods for Sustainable Commitment and Organisation, LSU

We were looking for a process leader with a great deal of courage to take on a major norm-changing process that did not concern an organisation but largely the entire youth civil society. Therefore, we needed someone with a broad knowledge of the special nature and conditions of the youth civil society, but who also could provide individual process support. We got this and so much more. Josephine gave us the security we needed and added innovation to the project.

Tomas Hultman, Project Manager HEL
Concept Development “Makten är din” – Training Election Ambassadors

Josephine has a special ability to “pep” and engage, while keeping a close eye on the process. This skill permeates the work both before, during and after we completed the trainings. She easily understood and adapted to the campaign we ran.

Alexandra Urisman Otto, Policy Officer
Concept Development, Makttrampolinen

Josephine is driven and inspiring to work with. She takes her work very seriously and is good at anchoring and listening. A humble and very competent person who I highly recommend.

Linnéa Engström, MEP European Parliament