Moderation for all occasions.

We have extensive experience of moderating talks, conferences, or anniversaries. We provide the overall perspective based on your purpose and your values. We help you find a tonality based on your target group and the main message for the occasion. We are experts on conversational methodology and have an inclusive language, based on norm criticism and an intersectional analysis.

We ask well-thought-out questions that affect and engage your target group. We give the participants conditions and methods to feel safe and to be able to participate. With a large dose of energy and a personal but professional appeal, we lift your conversation or conference to the next level and ensure that you achieve your purpose and desired effect.

Example: We moderated Save the Children’s conference when the organisation turned 100 years old. We helped them plan the conference from start to finish. We challenged Save the Children to use new methods to bring in more perspectives to their 100 years of history.

We contributed commitment and structure to the entire process. We ensured a broad representation among the speakers at the conference. We used inclusive conversation methods to make both speakers and participants feel safe, secure and inspired.


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Save the Children’s 100th Anniversary

We needed a moderator with both the width and depth to handle our business conference 2019 when Save the Children turned 100 years old. When we started asking around, many mentioned that Josephine Bladh would be well suited for the assignment… Josephine is a person who has loads of experience and more than one string to her bow. She is committed, structured, personal and multifaceted. In addition, she has a fantastic network and always has good advice when it comes to both methods and people. Josephine was an important contributing factor to the overall positive experience of the conference. We were incredibly happy with her, such a professional!

Ulrika Sundler Lycke, Member Support Officer
Countryside Conference

Josephine took on the assignment with curiosity and a feeling of security. There was a red thread throughout the event. She is professional, warm and personal in her way of leading events and processes. We were very happy and satisfied with the conference. Josephine managed to put the “image” we wanted by guiding the audience and participants through the day and by sharing details about herself.

Karin Fälldin, Chief of Staff