We help you with your business development.

We understand your needs and challenges and we help you develop your current business or create a new area of business. First, we evaluate the present situation and monitor the outside world to understand your company or organisation, trends, science and other factors that may affect your business. We also do a thorough analysis of your organisation to take advantage of previous experiences, good examples, strengths and important perspectives.

We create a challenging and inclusive process that enables you to dream big, think bigger and look beyond your usual patterns. We make sure to incorporate and establish the new business in your company or organisation. We give you the best conditions to start a new business that can meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges that you can continue working with on your own.

Example: We helped the women’s and girls’ shelter Somaya to design and develop an idea that they had for a new area of business for a long time – an open competence center for people affected by honour crimes and violence against women. Based on an analysis of the outside world and of the target group’s needs, as well as of of what others are already doing, we were able to develop a new area of business.

Together with Somaya, we designed something innovative and original – a new center for people to get the skills they need to live an independent life without violence and oppression. We provided support when choosing between paths and challenged Somaya to think new and big, and open new doors. The process resulted in Somaya realising its idea, with a completely new area of business today.


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Developing a New Area of Business, Somaya

Paulina was our consultant, giving support in the concept development of a new project, doing business analysis, leading a workshop with employees and the board and summarising everything into a project plan. The work was permeated by high commitment, competence and professionalism. She quickly delved into our issues, captured our needs and compiled all of them into a solid project plan. This saved us both time and resources. I highly recommend her.

Zenobia Rizvi, Head of Operations
Packaging of The Girl Child Platform’s idea, core business and principles

With eyes set on our goal, and with a creative and engaging way, Josephine led us through the process. She is a star at getting everyone in the room and ensuring that all voices are heard and given space.

Malin Flemström, Board Member The Girl Child Platform and CEO The Hunger Project Sweden