Process management based on your needs.

We have extensive experience of facilitating meetings and holding workshops or trainings. Based on your needs, purpose and desired effect, we tailor a workshop for your company or organisation. We choose suitable, interactive and creative methods from our large method bank. Our methods always have a norm-critical perspective to make all participants feel safe, included and wanting to contribute.

As experienced process leaders, we adapt the conversation to the group and ask conscious and carefully balanced questions. Together we create an inspiring, fun and thought-provoking process for both the individual and the organisation. After the workshop, we summarise the process and give recommendations for you going forward.

Example: We handled the process of RFSL’s conference Stolt (Pride), a conference that aimed to strengthen the LGBTI+ movement by learning from its history. We helped RFSL realise what purpose and what effect they wanted to achieve with the conference – both short-term and long-term. RFSL wanted this conference to reach a broader target group.

Therefore, we helped RFSL to market the conference in a new way and tailored new methods. Methods that RFSL can still use today. The result was a structured process where we contributed with positive energy and supported the project group. The conference was inclusive, rewarding and memorable for RFSL and all participants.


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Process management, RFSL’s conference ‘Proud!’

Josephine gave our project group structure, positive energy and support. Both the group and our participants got a safe hand guiding us through the conference in a masterful way with an inclusive tone. This conference was our best yet, and Josephine made us all a little better.

Fredrik Nilsson, Member Manager
Process Management and Individual Coaching in Transformative Leadership, Vision

It has been very rewarding to work with Josephine. She listened to our needs and tailored the process and support to the needs that existed right now. We received a complete solution from Josephine, where she supported the board as a group and as individuals. The board received an increase in knowledge as a group as well as received individual support. The sharp analysis gave us a golden opportunity to take new steps towards becoming an even more strategic board.

Kajsa Qvist, processledare staben
Process Management, UNF’s Staff Conference

Best staff conference since I was hired eight years ago, thanks to Josephine.

Business Developer, UNF
Process Management, SSU’s Communication Department

Recommend Josephine to anyone who needs an experienced process manager in order to move forward with strategy issues and work together as a group. She is good at understanding complex issues and getting groups to develop. Combined with inclusive, fun methods.

Sofia Brändström, Communications Director
Strategy and Planning Conference for Board and Staff

Josephine Bladh was our process manager and I’ve probably never been to a planning conference where we discussed both strategic and structural issues in such an engaging way. What a girl! Such energy!

Carina Andersson, Vice Chair
Member Meeting, Unga Allergiker

An energizing hour with an inclusive approach, which made the content to the point for both the 12-year-old and the 28-year-old. Skillful! Dealing with Josephine was easy from start to finish. Our needs were captured, it was an appreciated workshop, smooth payment and follow-up.

Sofie Casserlöv, Business Developer