We guide you through the strategy work.

We have extensive experience of successful strategy processes for companies and organisations. Our strategy processes are tailored, inclusive, interactive, and challenging. We help you transform your goals and dreams into a solid strategy. We always do an evaluation of the present situation and a thorough monitoring of the outside world to make the process as good as possible. We conduct roundtable discussions, surveys or focus groups with your target groups or other important external partners.

We conduct interactive workshops with selected target groups based on the present situation towards the desired position via strategic choices. We present a tailored outline for your strategy that may guide the organisation for several years ahead. We challenge you to be brave and we stand by you throughout the strategy process. As an external party, we have an outside perspective that helps us think bigger and outside the comfort zone. We take full responsibility for the process so you may focus on your future strategy’s content.

Example: We helped Tjejjouren Väst develop a three-year strategy, the organisation’s first! The process gave strategic height to the entire organisation, and helped them put their vision, mission and long-term goals into words accompanied by indicators of how these would be achieved.

The process consisted of an internal and external analysis, roundtable discussions with external partners, interactive workshops and analysis of previous governing documents. Tjejjouren Västs received an accessible strategy, which also changed their current structure with one-year business plans.


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Coordination and Management of YMCA Sweden’s What We Want-process

Josephine’s immense professionalism and experience was the single most important reason why our strategy work was of such high quality and so on-point. She has an intuitive strategic capacity to see what is required and needed both at the moment and long-term, her large toolbox with methods to use, and an ability to pedagogically clarify and create an understanding of the processes and contexts. Also, the process would not have been as good without Josephine’s strong personality. I am convinced that her joy and enthusiasm reduced the resistance to change, which always accompany new proposals and development work. She created a strong and wide commitment within several parts of the organisation, was unpretentious and clear!

Karin Olsson, Secretary General
Coordination and Management of the Strategic Work, Tjejjouren Väst

The organisation has adopted its first three-year strategy, updated our vision and established our mission. All of the above will guide us, both when we apply for funding and when we continue to develop the organisation to support, strengthen and raise the voices of everyone in the Västra Götaland region who identifies as girls or young women. With her powerful energy, Josephine swept us off our feet. She inspired us and taught us how to think long-term, which is unusual for a non-profit organisation that previously only planned ahead one year at a time. It has been a rewarding, challenging and fun work, and it would not have been possible without the fantastic Josephine Bladh!

Cassandra Larsson, Chair