We step in as interim manager.

We step in as temporary manager when you quickly need one and we match the leadership according to your needs. We understand the company or organisation’s needs, make an analysis of the current situation, review structures and culture, and identify what needs to change. We are convinced that an interim manager makes it possible to transform and move organisations from one position to another.

We help you take advantage of the window of change that an interim manager creates, while you recruit a new manager in peace and quiet. We are experienced managers that use innovative and inclusive methods based on participation and joy in our processes. Everyone in the company or organisation should feel seen and want to contribute to the change to make it as good as we can.

Example: We stepped in as interim manager for RFSU Gothenburg when they needed to recruit a new manager. They wanted a leadership that could challenge them and increase the efficiency of the organisation. We did an analysis of the current situation and highlighted benefits for the organisation if they would be braver and open to change. We created a process, with the mission and staff as its core.

As a result, the staff thrives better, reaches more of their potential and contribute to a greater extent to the organisation’s mission. RFSU Gothenburg challenged its truths and implemented new, more efficient ways of working. We showed that transformative leadership can change the work environment, strengthen the work towards the organisation’s vision and get staff to contribute to it to a greater extent.


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Interim manager Swedish Youth Federation for LGBTQ Rights

In a difficult situation, we wanted to ensure stability despite having a management gap. We wanted to recruit a new CEO without forcing the process. Josephine Bladh joined Rättviseförmedlingen and quickly became our guardian angel! She gave stability and inspiration to the employees. She also took the time to organise and prepare for her successor in an exemplary way. With infectious and warm energy, Josephine spread peace and power in the organisation, both to the group and to each individual. The fact that she understood our work and business so quickly was very impressive.

Helena Westin, Vice Chair
Interim Manager, RFSU Gothenburg

Josephine is courageous enough to ask all the tough questions and the “why’s”, but above all, she is a yes-sayer who has made RFSU Gothenburg more fearless, happier, more prone to change, strong and more confident in our own skills.

Sofia Blomgren, Chair
Interim Manager, RFSL Ungdom

Josephine joined us as Acting Head of Operations in a time of uncertainty at the office. She stabilised us and made us stronger thanks to her insightful and coaching leadership. Josephine is very competent and a wonderful manager!

Frank Berglund, Chair