Josephine Bladh AB becomes Transformera!

17 June 2021 08:24

Josephine Bladh and Paulina Nybratt Sandin stand next to each other by a beige wall.

In September 2015, I was sitting at Wilmer Kaffebar in Stockholm with a cup of cold coffee in front of me, registering a company. I usually describe starting a business as jumping out of a plane without knowing if the parachute will deploy – or if it even exists. I’m very proud when I look back at my six years as an entrepreneur, but I’m not gonna lie about how hard and how much I’ve worked these six years. I went into my business with a vision of creating real social change. And for six years, I have tested, refined and developed how I believe social change can happen.

We’ve had over 150 assignments, of which seven are interim management positions, over 90 unique clients. The company has gone from me to we, now having employees and collaborative consultants. The company is no longer only Josephine – it is about what we will achieve together. It’s not about me, it’s about transforming the world. That is why today, we become Transformera.

Some things I discovered during these six years are that the outside world moves quickly. This places demands on agile and inclusive organisational cultures where transformative leadership is key. I can no longer count the number of times we received requests for assignments with requests to be more inclusive, braver, faster and more innovative. Companies and organisations that shoulder greater social responsibility are also more successful. So, the concept of sustainability is central. Agenda 2030 has broadened our definition of sustainability and made sure that more companies and organisations have serious sustainability goals. Those who don’t live as they learn when they wave pride flags and communicate how sustainable and inclusive they are, have received justified criticism. The concept of diversity is questioned as it is experienced passively, and the intersectional analysis beyond “just” gender is growing – in my opinion long-awaited but questioned.

In order for us as a company to achieve our vision of an equal and sustainable world, companies and organisations need to constantly transform and develop. With societal benefits and people in focus, we lead lasting transformations that create a profound impact on your business, culture and effect and societal benefit. We are brave, as a company, and in our assignments and we take on all our assignments with love and loyalty, and we will always stand firm when times are difficult. Let Transformera help you transform.

/Josephine Bladh, CEO and transformative consultant