The transformative leadership elevates the team!

15 October 2021 14:23

Several colorful A4 sheets in orange, yellow and purple lays on a table, along with post-its and glitter. Two hands can be seen in the photo, writing the word transformation in capital letters on one of the post-it notes.

Transformative leadership has taken a position as the world’s most effective leadership model. The model appeared already in the 70s but is just as relevant today. Stimulating participation and creativity to raise engagement is the focus of transformative leadership. Transformative leaders are driven by personal consideration, and they dare to challenge both individuals and their organisation/company in order to be relevant and reach their full potential.

Four focus areas for transformative leadership:

  • Authentic leadership

The transformative leader acts as a role model, acts according to values ​​and challenges individuals to live like they learn.

  • Inspiring motivation

The transformative leader inspires with charisma, and conveys a clear vision and attractive image of the future. The leader creates a sense of context where there is a clear purpose and goals to bring the group together.

  • Intellectual stimulation

Transformative leaders encourage innovation and value creativity and independence in their teams. Non-judgmental, the transformative leader challenges norms and inspires the group to think outside the box and be creative in problem solving.

  • Individual consideration

The transformative leader has a genuine interest in employees, what they want to achieve and where they are going in their careers. The leader takes advantage of each individual’s unique driving forces and needs in order for them to come into their own.

Transformative leadership makes us understand our own “why”, put our values ​​into words and make us understand our surroundings in order to create social benefit.

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