Tjejjouren Väst Adopted its First Three-Year Strategy!

25 March 2020 11:22

Tio personer har ställt upp sig på två rader och ler mot kameran. Översta raden håller i guldiga siffer-ballonger som läses 2023.

BAM! Tjejjouren Väst has adopted its first three-year strategy!

– It has been an incredibly rewarding, challenging and fun work, that would not have been possible without the fantastic Josephine Bladh, says Cassandra Larsson, chair of Tjejjouren Väst.

For six months, we have, with love,  helped and pushed the important Tjejjouren Väst to develop their first three-year strategy. There is something that happens in the conversations and with the inspiration when we ask ourselves the strategic questions, why, what, how?

Now, the organisation has a united direction as well as tools to prioritise, plan activities and derive the daily work with one’s mission.

The process has included:

🗓Process plan
↗️Capacity increase in strategic management
🔎International analysis
🌍Environmental analysis
💬Round table discussions with collaborating parties
🗳Vote on choices in opposite words
💭Vision workshop
💡Developing the structure of the strategy

“Fy bubblan” what a fun and rewarding process it has been together with this important and strong social actor in order to create an equal society where girls and young women have equal rights and good living conditions.