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To achieve our vision of an equal and sustainable world, companies and organisations need to constantly be transformed and developed. With the society and its people as our core, we lead you through transformations that last within your company or organisation. We transform our clients to become more relevant, more courageous, shoulder greater social responsibility, have an inclusive organisational culture and live as they learn.

We transform.

A long-term and lasting transformation making your company or organisation braver and more relevant to make you reach your full potential.

Our services.

We tailor our services based on your needs, for example strategy processes, interim manager or concept development.

Our Method.

Our method is norm-critical, interactive and value-based with a large dose of energy and transformation as our core.

We are.

Transformera is a feminist, society-changing consulting company with 20 years of experience and over 400 completed processes.



Process Management and Coaching in Transformative Leadership, Vision

It has been very rewarding to work with Josephine. She listened to our needs and tailored the process and support to the needs that existed right now. We received a complete solution from Josephine, where she supported the board as a group and as individuals. The board received an increase in knowledge as a group as well as received individual support. The sharp analysis gave us a golden opportunity to take new steps towards becoming an even more strategic board.

Kajsa Qvist, Process Manager Executive Office
Interim Manager, RFSU Gothenburg

Josephine is brave enough to ask all the tough questions and the “why’s”, but above all, she is a yes-sayer who has made RFSU Gothenburg happier, more fearless and prone to change, stronger and more confident in our own skills.

Sofia Blomgren, Chair
Developing a New Area of Business, Somaya

We hired Paulina as a consultant to support us in the concept development of a new project, where the assignment consisted of doing a business analysis, leading a workshop with employees and the board and then compiling this into a project plan. The entire work was permeated by high commitment, competence and professionalism where Paulina quickly got to grips with our issues, captured our needs and compiled this into a solid project plan. This saved us both time and resources. I highly recommend her.

Zenobia Rizvi, Head of Operations
Interim Manager, Rättviseförmedlingen

In a difficult situation, we wanted to ensure stability despite having a management gap. We wanted to recruit a new CEO without forcing the process. Josephine Bladh joined Rättviseförmedlingen and quickly became our guardian angel! She gave stability and inspiration to the employees. She also took the time to organise and prepare for her successor in an exemplary way. With infectious and warm energy, Josephine spread peace and power in the organisation, both to the group and to each individual. The fact that she understood our work and business so quickly was very impressive.

Helena Westin, Vice Chair
Development of Methods for Sustainable Commitment and Organisation, LSU

We were looking for a process leader with a great deal of courage to take on a major norm-changing process that did not concern an organisation but largely the entire youth civil society. Therefore, we needed someone with a broad knowledge of the special nature and conditions of the youth civil society, but who also could provide individual process support. We got this and so much more. Josephine gave us the security we needed and added innovation to the project.

Tomas Hultman, Project Manager HEL
Coordination and Management of the Strategic Work, Tjejjouren Väst

The organisation adopted its first three-year strategy, updated our vision and established our mission. These will guide us when we apply and seek funding, and when we develop the organisation to be able to support, strengthen and raise the voices of everyone in the Västra Götaland region who identifies as girls or young women. With her powerful energy, Josephine swept us off our feet. She inspired us and taught us how to think long-term, which is unusual for a non-profit organisation that previously only planned ahead one year at a time. It has been rewarding, challenging and fun work, and it would not have been possible without the fantastic Bladh Transformera AB!

Cassandra Larsson, Chair

Let’s transform! Contact us at hej@transformera.se

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