The transformative leadership elevates the team!

Transformative leadership has taken a position as the world's most effective leadership model. The model appeared already in the 70s but is just as relevant today. Stimulating participation and creativity to raise engagement is the focus of transformative leadership. Transformative [...]


We Are Creating History with Vision!

Together with the union Vision, we are creating history as we are launching Swedens first ever education in inclusive, feminist digitization, Digi5! The role that digitization plays in the public sector is becoming more and more important. There is a [...]


We helped Fritidsbanken get financial aid!

We are happy to announce that Fritidsbanken, a non profit organization that provide free sports- and outdoor equipment for children and young adults, has been approved financial aid from Arvsfonden. The amount is 8 million SEK and will we invested [...]


New Book – the Role of Civil Society

Recently, the book Time to Care ─ how civil society and the value-based sector can elevate Sweden (Dags att bry sig ─ så kan civilsamhället och den idéburna sektorn lyfta Sverige) was released. The book challenges how the role of [...]


New Report About Youth Engagement

We are proud to present the report UNG AGENDA, a review of young peoples inclusion in the work with Agenda 2030, which our consultant Paulina Nybratt Sandin wrote for LSU. The report tells us about Swedens work with Agenda 2030, [...]


We Created a Method Book!

We are incredibly proud to present the method book We are burning (Vi Brinner)! We encourage all of you to order the book that shares inspiring and interactive methods for sustainable commitment and leadership. We have been participating and contributing [...]


Welcome Paulina!

PROUD AS A PEACOCK 🐓 When I started the company four years ago, it felt like going parachute jumping without a parachute: scary and incredibly exciting. Today, it feels exactly the same now that I have hired my first consulting [...]

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