Welcome Paulina!

13 December 2019 11:46

Porträtt på Paulina Nybratt Sandin mot en guldig bakgrund.


When I started the company four years ago, it felt like going parachute jumping without a parachute: scary and incredibly exciting. Today, it feels exactly the same now that I have hired my first consulting colleague. This is a big step forward towards more societal change and world domination.

I am so incredibly happy and proud that the company now also consists of another transformative consultant. I met this sharp and brilliant person when I worked as an interim manager for RFSU Gothenburg. The one and only Paulina Nybratt Sandin 👑

I asked Paulina to introduce herself. She wrote this:

“I am a confident and courageous process manager whose strength is to motivate and engage in sustainable leadership. I have worked within civil society for 10 years in regional, national and international projects. I have special expertise in sustainable development, sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as political advocacy work. My background is in global development studies and social anthropology. I am driven by developing innovative strategies to strengthen group processes that generates real participation and change. My work is effective, norm-critical and inspiring. I am ready to transform with you!”